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Principal Message

Today in this competitive world, nobody will negate to the importance of education. Every human being would like to reach at the top and for this every parent wants to provide best education to their children, so that they could achieve their goals. Our country has progressed in field of education, because education is the asymptotic of society's progress and prosperity.

There are several efforts made by the government like vocational education, compulsory education and grading etc to provide not only compulsory and necessary education but to upliftment of the academic part of the students.

In spite of these efforts we are not able to make progress in the field of education. Lots of evils have firmly hold our society, which is extending day-by-day. Its main cause is the "lack of values". Today all parents wish that their children must have a good life after completing education. They prefer to get a high rank in job and so as the high status in society in place of being a good human.

I think, it's not their fault, because it is a trend of our society that a person, who has a good education, can get a job here, whether he is a good person or not, doesn't matter.

Perhaps, it will only leads to demoralization in students like - indiscipline, disobeying the parents and disrespecting the teachers, burglary, obstinate ness etc. Today the value of education is limited in books only. Parents and teachers teach the lesson of values to their children and students, but infact; they don't assimilate to those values themselves.

In this way, a dilemmatic situation is being developed in their mind that what is right and what's wrong, and it appears that as if bookish knowledge is misleading them.

In this reference 'Fraud's statement is remarkable'.

"Small child is just like immature soil that is to be molded as we mould it". The first school of child is his family and after that 'School' and 'Society' he learns whatever he looks and listens in the atmosphere around.

So, I, appeal, to all parents and teachers, if we want to stop assassination of values in children, then, we have to change our stigmatic mentality and have to stand ideals as ourselves in front of the children, so that they can get a clean and healthy atmosphere.